Обложка книги

Für russischsprachige Leser

04.10.2021 Alexander Kuch 0

Schon bald geht ein neues Buch mit meiner Prosa in die Druckerei. Es heißt „Nach römischer Zeit“, und es gab konkurrierende Titel – alle weniger streng, sogar spielerisch – wie üblich. Zum Beispiel “Das Cherubino-Lied”. Bei Mozart handelt es sich [more]

Фоторгафия Дова Конторера к 3-й лекции

The third lecture of Dov Kontorer

08.09.2018 Alexander Kuch 0

“Jews are our dogs!” – echoed the Arab propaganda when the fear of coming Zionism grew stronger.  The third lecture of Dov Kontorer deals with the events that happened in Eretz Israel after the First World War, the arrival of [more]

I’ll tell you…

12.08.2018 Alexander Kuch 0

“I’ll tell you…” is a new video-page of our project “Time to Remember”. We open it with a monologue of Natalia Gaister (Ryzhik ), one of the last witnesses and victims of Stalin regime. Her cloudless childhood was over at [more]

Dr. Vladimir Khazan SOFIA PREGEL

30.06.2018 Alexander Kuch 0

Sofia Yulievna Pregel (1897-1972) was one of the main figures in the literature of Russia Abroad and had strong social and creative connections with many writers and artists. Born in Odessa, she loved her city till the end of her [more]