Konstantin Bondar. The handcraft of Old Russian Scribe and its products

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Доктор Константин Бондарь – филолог и историк, славист, востоковед, исследователь древнерусской литературы и еврейско-славянских литературных связей, автор и составитель 4-х книг: «Повести Соломонова цикла: из славяно-еврейского диалога культур» (Харьков, 2011), «Этюды о чудесах и текстах» (Харьков, 2012), «М. П. Погодин. Марфа, посадница [more]

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A nine-year-old girl in Israel recites Russian verse – well, what a big deal! But just listen to her intonation and don’t miss the understanding of the texts and the fun she gets! Ora surely is a lovely and capable [more]

You’ve found us!

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15 years of work is long enough – and there are still people who want to find us and fail. What’s the reason? They are looking for us in a “wrong” language. Therefore we decided to address you, English speakers: [more]