02.04.2018 Alexander Kuch 0

A nine-year-old girl in Israel recites Russian verse – well, what a big deal! But just listen to her intonation and don’t miss the understanding of the texts and the fun she gets! Ora surely is a lovely and capable [more]

You’ve found us!

17.02.2018 Alexander Kuch 0

15 years of work is long enough – and there are still people who want to find us and fail. What’s the reason? They are looking for us in a “wrong” language. Therefore we decided to address you, English speakers: [more]

Thoughtful writing

29.11.2017 Alexander Kuch 0

In the first issue of our yearbook “Time to remember” we published memories by Yelena Kucherova (Clavsut’) who died in Germany seven years ago (kniga-book.com/елена-крикунова-начало-пути/). The author dedicated them to her friend Kira Tiverovsky who kept them for almost thirty [more]

The house with a turret

25.11.2017 Alexander Kuch 0

Nobody can instruct an author how to write impressive memoirs. But what Inna Konigsberg wrote about her father Dr. Emmanuel Konigsberg and his teacher Dr. Franz Abramowitz (“Time to remember”, book one) is really unforgettable. Her relatively short story is [more]

The sense of truth

13.11.2017 Alexander Kuch 0

I like to quote a excerpt from the story by Leo Tolstoy’s “Sebastopol in May,” namely the words: “… the character of my story whom I love with all my heart, whom I tried to reproduce in all his beauty [more]